Exclusive Collaboration between MILCK x Shannon Downey (@badasscrossstitch) “Quiet"


“When I saw Shannon Downey's, aka @badasscrossstitch “Boys Will Be Boys… “ cross stitch during the #metoo movement,  I was deeply moved by the effectiveness of her design and reached out to see if she'd want to collaborate on this project. I hope people enjoy wearing and owning the message of our t-shirt collaboration.” — MILCK
"When MILCK reached out to me to collaborate, I was thrilled. I remember watching her perform on Samantha Bee right after the Women's March. My fiance and I had tears in our eyes. It was yet another layer of inspiration and hope that we still had a future despite the inauguration. We decided to riff off of my "Boys will be Boys" piece that had recently gone viral in relation to Harvey Weinstein. I sure hope everyone loves it, buys it, wears it, and most importantly lives it! “  — Shannon Downey @badasscrossstitch

15% of proceeds are donated to my #ICantKeepQuietFund. Learn more about the fund and who I support here: http://icantkeepquiet.org
About BadassCrossStitch 
Shannon Downey aka BadassCrossStitch is a Chicago craftivist who sees in pixels and plays with needles. She is helping crafty people get more analog in their digital and find their voice in the process. She firmly believes the resistance will be stitched! Her "Boys will be Boys" piece is proving her theory. 
Insta: @BadassCrossStitch
Twitter: @ShannonDowney
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